Handling Customer Problems Positively (Hospitality)




When a customer has a negative experience, however small it may be it can affect their experience. Handling problems positively is critical to delivering great customer service. This module explores how customer problems may occur and using the behaviour cycle encourages learners to think why customers may react in different ways when situations occur. A 7 step approach to resolving customer problems and referring problems to managers is thoroughly discussed using many specific hotel scenarios with the message of prevention is often better than cure!


Designed for all operational ‘front facing’ hotel staff.

The modules can be used as a complete programme or individually for specific training needs or refreshers. Individuals may like to develop their own knowledge and confidence or use the module certificates at interviews. 


  • Identify why customers complain and how they might feel
  • State the 7 steps to positive problem handling and how they are used effectively
  • Consider positive actions to solve customer problems


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