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Top 5 Ways to Keep Your CPD Record Up to Date

Continuing professional development, or CPD, is the process by which professionals keep their knowledge and skills up to date through accredited sources. The system includes monitoring and evaluation so that the compliance methods to CPD are acknowledged in a person’s career. One aspect important in CPD is documentation wherein your field’s organisation or professional governing body demands documents to prove that you are genuinely developing your professional career.


Here are 5 effective ways you can update your CPD record:

1. Meetings, events, and conferences

Standardised meetings are those annual or semi-annual gatherings encouraged by your professional organization. These might be the easiest to document since the evaluators, who will evaluate your CPD activities’ validity, are also attending.

Aside from that, a lot of information can be exchanged in those meetings that can benefit your professional career’s status quo.
If you fail to attend the said meetings, you can make up for it by attending events and conferences. They must be related to your field, so the CPD points are valid. However, most of them are not free.

Also, take note that the assessors are not required to attend. Therefore, you need to secure certificates indicating your participation.

2. Feedback system

The system is useful for professions that need extensive hands-on experiences like aspiring engineers or medical students.
A feedback system is a pattern involving the following steps: feedback, reflection, evaluation, and action.

  •  Feedback
    This can come from your colleagues or seniors that are critiquing your work. Although some of them may be opinionated, there can also be constructive criticisms among them.
  • Reflection
    This is where you analyse the contents of the feedback. Have them organized accordingly. Mind the feedback you receive as it can indicate the strengths to uphold and the weaknesses to eventually overcome.
  • Evaluation
    This is the part wherein you are planning to capitalise on what is given as your feedback. If it is a strength, you must make plans for keeping it up. If it is a weakness, you need to devise ways to overcome them.
  • Action
    This is where you apply the plans you have made to attain improvement. The cycle can continue if you are practicing your profession. Make sure that you document everything.

3. Courses and qualifications

Even though you are a practicing professional, formal education must continue. You can continue to learn by attending graduate studies or related courses. Now that there is an ongoing pandemic, e-learning courses have been beneficial.

If you are looking for a reputable training provider for completing your CPD’s, simply visit ART Providers Ltd. They cover various topics, ranging from medical to finance, that can benefit your ongoing professional development and your CPD record.

4. Online notifications

If researching for ways to update your CPD record seems time-consuming, it is better if you get notified instead, right? If so, you can try joining accredited groups in social media if that platform is part of your daily routine.

If you regularly check your emails, you can also subscribe to newsletters coming from your professional organisation.

5. Useful Apps

In the era of smart technology, various smartphone apps have reigned supreme. With just one click, all the necessary information and access are available to you. When it comes to being updated with CPD-friendly activities such as online courses, check out if there are apps available for easier notification. You may be doing a bit of research at first, but it can be very convenient and productive in the future.

You may be thinking that CPD activities are not as significant, but on the bright side, they are beneficial to your career growth.
It may seem like extra work, but if you care about developing your career and making it big eventually, make sure to keep an updated and strong CPD record using the methods mentioned above.

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