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How to Be an Online Tutor

If you have a background in medical practice and a passion for teaching, then working as an online tutor will surely suit you. Aside from the fact that it allows you to reach out to a wider audience of people who are willing to learn from you, it’s also quite convenient.

However, how exactly can you become an online tutor for medical practitioners? This step-by-step guide will help you start out on this venture. Let’s get started.


#1: Know who your target audience is

First and foremost, you need to have a clear idea of who you will be sharing your knowledge. This means knowing which people are most likely to need your help. This could also mean knowing which specific areas they need help with.

After that, you want to determine their characteristics based on various factors such as their location, behavior, age, etc. Once you get all those information, make sure to attune it with your ideas.


#2: Make a List of Topics to Teach

You need to make an outline of the topics you want to teach. In the medical field, there are many specific topics that you can cover. Make sure you know your area of expertise and zoom into a specific module from there. 

Keep in mind to pick your area of expertise on a topic since it will let you share your constructive knowledge in order to improve your student’s knowledge and skills.

You can also further enhance your teaching methods with the help of slides and interactive studies to make learning more fun and enjoyable. You can even gamify your lessons and use storytelling while you’re at it.


#3: Decide your course pattern

After deciding on the topic you want to teach, the next important step is to decide how you want to share your topic with your students. Online courses are categorized based on their types. You can either go for written format courses or video courses depending on the nature of your topic.

You can check online course platforms to get an idea as to which format will work best for your specific course.


#4: Choose which platform to promote your course

Lastly, you want to decide which platform you want to promote your online course. There are tons of platforms out there that offer a wide variety of online courses. Moreover, some are focused on specific topics like programming and web development while some are more on less technical topics like learning new languages, etc.

For courses that deal with medical practice, you can market your lessons to us at ART Medical. We have specific categories designed specifically for medical practices, and our platform will make it a lot easier for you to promote your course.

As long as you follow through all of the steps given above, becoming an online tutor and making a business out of it will become a lot easier. Just keep in mind that nowadays, a lot of career-oriented students and even adults are willing to spend a bit more in order to learn more advanced lessons

However, since most of them are a bit busy with their schedules, they tend to go online to learn those lessons instead of attending on-site training. With this, you can have a huge opportunity ahead of you to make a business out of tutoring online.


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