Equality and Diversity in Health and Social Care



Equality and diversity are crucial to the practice of successful health and social care because they ensure that the services provided are not only accessible to everyone, but are provided in a way that promotes dignity and respect. They also ensure that care is focused on the individual, rather than having it provided in a ‘one size fits all’ package.

This course aims to ensure that the learner understands what is meant by equality and diversity, and how it should be implemented within the context of health and social care.

Course Contents:

  • The meaning of equality and diversity
  • Why equality and diversity are important
  • The provisions of the Equality Act 2010 in respect of discrimination
  • The main types of discrimination
  • What is meant by rights and why they are important
  • The main barriers to diversity, equality and inclusion
  • Ways of working that reduce the likelihood of discrimination

Target Audience

Those working in health and social care requiring an understanding of how equality and diversity applies to their job role.


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