Autism Awareness


This course will give learners an introduction and awareness of autism. It is aimed at people who want to understand and make a difference in the lives of individuals with the autism spectrum condition, including parents, carers, professionals and individuals with a diagnosis of autism and who have little or no knowledge of the condition. It is also designed for people who require a refresher in the subject.


This awareness course is intended for anyone who requires an understanding of autism, this includes:

  • Carers, parents and professional organisations
  • Adult and Children’s Social Care Services staff and other local authority partner organisations
  • Housing and public health staff
  • Health staff 
  • Education staff

About this course

This course will heighten your awareness and increase your understanding of autism.

The course is split into three modules:

  • What is autism?
  • What are the main challenges?
  • Characteristics and diagnosis of autism


In this course you will learn:

  • What autism is
  • What causes autism
  • About the autistic spectrum
  • What the three main challenges people with autism face
  • About the typical characteristics of individuals with autism
  • About the importance diagnosing autism
  • About the strengths and positives of having autism


Here are some of the topics covered in the modules:

What is autism?; How common is autism? | What is Asperger syndrome? | What causes autism? | So how much do you know about autism? | The Autism Spectrum | The main challenges | Social communication | Body language, facial expressions and tone of voice | Sayings and phrases | Social interaction | Making friends | Social imagination | Mind blindness | Sensory issues | What does autism feel like? | Coping methods | Typical characteristics | Diagnosis of women | The strengths of autism


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